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Forget queues, waiting lines, and tickets. Give your customers the service they deserve


Our End User support systems replace long queues and tickets with real, human, one-on-one experiences via phone and email.

Your customers get their problems solved quickly and effectively, increasing customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and often, average customer value.

What our client say

During the fifteen years we have owned our furniture stores in Vancouver and Calgary, Chris has been the best computer technician we have had by far. Chris has been looking after us for about ten of the fifteen years.  He has become a part of our family.

Not only is he reliable, but he is also trustworthy and dependable. We never have to wait for him to address our needs.  Whether it be a serious problem or a silly question he always handles each and every one of us with the utmost patience, kindness, and respect. Being spontaneous and efficient at the same time are two of the necessary qualities which Chris has mastered, hands down.

I greatly appreciate that for all of the knowledge Chris possesses, he has strong communication skills which allows him to translate things in a way that they are very easy to understand.

Definitely a “one of a kind” Computer Technician.

Lesley McDonnell

Owner, Furniture Store